Have you ever needed to escape into the pages of a good book? Or been comforted by a hug from your favorite stuffed animal? Then you understand the power of Books to the Rescue!

The mission of Books to the Rescue!™ is to COMFORT KIDS IN CRISIS. All across America, this non-profit, community-engagement program is touching the lives of children while simultaneously promoting literacy. The first Books to the Rescue!™ program began with over one hundred Greene County, Ohio Police Cruisers in 2015 and now serves as the model program nationwide that’s reaching beyond Cruisers into FireTrucks and EMS, Domestic Violence Units, Hospitals, Court Systems, Victim Advocacy Centers, Foster Care, and many other agencies.

This grassroots program, which is solely funded by donations and grants, stocks First Responder Vehicles and Child-Centric Agencies with COMPLIMENTARY, NEW, engaging children’s books and new stuffed animals to help serve as resources to calm and redirect children in traumatic, stressful situations.

Books to the Rescue!™ demonstrates how a simple act of giving can make a profound impact.

Over 40 States are actively implementing a Books to the Rescue! ™ program in their counties. Here are just a few examples:

Coastal Georgia

Twin Cities

Yavapai County, Arizona

100 Women Making a Difference in Greene County
page turners
Premier Health Specialists

Mommsen Family Fund
Stephen K. Haller, Greene County Prosecuting Attorney

Reynolds & Reynolds

Dr. Katherine Lin, Ob/Gyn, Greene County

Chief David S. Hale, Yellow Springs Police, Drug Task Force
Back to Business I.T.

Dayton Children's

Terry & Dorothy Burns

Bryan S. Dodd DDS & Associates

Beavercreek Christian Learning Center

Beavercreek Rainbow Child Care Center

Eric Henry & Family

Perduco Group

Pediatric Associates of Dayton

Trebein and Valley Elementary Schools

Meyer Family Foundation

Schatzley Family

first chapters
Anita Lashbrook

Grant Belgard

Ruth Scott

Larry & Tina Winings